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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Knitting Bag of a Newbie

Pretty much the minute I started knitting I also starting thinking up all sorts of knitting related sewing projects.  I quickly made up a few project bags and a little pouch for holding my crochet hooks and scissors and whatsits.  I like to call it my "hooker pouch".

While we're talking about crochet hooks, take a look at that fancy new one up there.  It's like a magic wand and a crochet hook got together and had a baby.  It's a Brittany hook and it's super pretty.

It used to be, I would toss my hooker pouch and whatever project bag I needed into my purse and would head out the door.  Add snacks and water to that and I was dragging around a TON of stuff.  You should have seen me headed into gymnastics.  I looked like I was moving in.  The madness had to stop.  So...

I made a knitting bag.

Pretty isn't she?  She's the perfect size and filled with the perfect configuration of pockets.  Yep, totally customized.  Wanna see what's in there?  Let's start with the pockets shall we.

The outside pockets are just right for my glasses, ipod, and keys. 

The inside... out.  It's basically reversible.  I personally like the darker color to the outside but, in order to show you the pockets...inside out it is.  These pockets hold my gauge/ruler thingy, lotion, ink pen, a note pad, extra knitting needles, and my little tackle box of goodies. 

I grabbed this little tackle box in the fishing section one day while the boys were checking out fly tying materials.  I think I paid somewhere around $1.75 for this and it's just perfect. It holds all my tip protectors, stitch markers, row counter, and my measuring tape.  Not to mention it snuggles all happily in that there pocket.

It holds a surprising amount of stuff.  I'm usually carrying one or two project bags, my Knitter's Handbook (that i borrowed from the library and they're going to want back soon), tackle box, hooker pouch, and I usually have a little game in there for the kids.  That way if we're stuck at the tire place or the Dr's office they have something to do too.  AND I still have room for snacks.  (and my purse can stay in the car.)

This is the cutest little game by the way.  I bought it here.  I've gathered quite the collection of small travel games and they are wonderful to toss in your bag.  This one is especially great as my three year old can do it all by herself. 

So there you have it.  The knitting bag of a newbie.  Anything I should have that I don't?  Anything I'm carting around that I totally don't need?  I'd love your input. 

Happy Craftin'


Corduroy Fish said...

"Hooker pouch"...hehehe - very cool!

johnnybug said...

Love it!! I need to make me one. You'll have to show me what you did differently than that pattern. But it looks perfect! And I agree with mom - Hooker pouch...awesome!

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