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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making Progress and Something New

In my quest to become a knitter I think I'm making pretty good progress.  It's become quite addictive and I've actually had knitting dreams once or twice.  (Is that normal?)  I do find it calms my brain down which I desperately need sometimes.

I've been learning to knit ribbing and to change colors.  I really like the look of the ribbing.  I like that I still have to think knit knit, purl purl, knit knit, purl purl.  It helps with the brain chill. 

I hope to learn how to bind off today as I'm headed to my sister's house later.  (She's an excellent teacher.)  I've also ordered a book from the library that I hope to pick up today.  It's another Debbie Stoller book called The Knitter's Handbook.  I have her crochet book I talked about here.  

I've also found my other crafting has become knit/crochet related.  Carly and I had gone to this fancy knit shop a few weeks ago and they were selling "project bags".  We both had a "what a great idea" moment with those.  What with tiny hands always reaching for our current projects and all. They also make it very simple to take your project with you.  So, we made our own. 

I have two different styles here.  The one on the left has a circular bottom which makes for a happy little area for your yarn ball to bounce around while you're knitting or crocheting.  The right side has a rectangular bottom which I'm testing out to see how happily the yarn deals with that.

I will say the knitting needles rest more happily in the rectangular one. For now I have crochet in the circular one. 

Here's an interior shot.  Let me know if you're interested in a tutorial for these.  They are fairly quick and easy to make.  I plan to have a few laying around so I can keep each project separate.

In other fiber related news... I think I'm also becoming a needle felter. I had done some 2 dimensional felting on another project (I'll share later) and enjoyed it very much.  Last night I started thinking about all the cute 3D projects out there and started trying it out.

It. Was. So. Much. Fun.  I made this cute little cave and bunnies.  (which also look kinda like mice? - so maybe bun-ice?)  My sweet Piper immediately claimed them for her very own and took off.  She's played with them nearly non-stop since last night.  She even slept with them.

I see more needle felting in my future for sure.  Along with knitting.

As for what I'm reading, I'm still working on The Exiled Queen.  I haven't mastered knitting well enough to be able to read while I'm knitting.  I have been listening to audiobooks though.  Right now we're listening to Classic Fairy Stories which we all love. 

I'm yarning along again with Ginny today (and all the rest of you). I can't say enough how encouraging and wonderful everyone at the yarn along has been.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww! You're just an excellent student!!! Binding off is supa dupa easy... for real. See you in a bit!

Jessa said...

I have a boatload of roving leftover from my flash-in-the-pan felting obsession.

Jessa said...

It's yours if you want it (I meant to say that the first time)

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