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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Warm Hands

Or hand warmers.  These are all over the place but I just made some a few weeks ago and thought I'd show you.  Now you should know, I'm at beginner level when it comes to crochet.  I've made one thing from a pattern.  Ever.  One.  I mostly just make stuff up and wing it.  I've made hats, scarves, kitchen sponges, and these hand warmers.  I love them.  I'm typing with them on right now. Sure, one thumb hole is a little bigger than the other.  And one is slightly looser than the other.  But you know what?  I totally don't care.  They are functional and pretty and purple. 

(in case you're wondering about the yarn I got it in Germany.  Which means I have no idea what's in it, how to wash it, or what it's called.  No clue.)

Loosey goosey instruction:

Step one: Chain stitch to whatever length you want to with whatever size hook you want.  I just kept holding it up to my arm til I got it where I wanted.  Mine are approximately 11.5 inches.

Step two: Double crochet, or single, or triple, whatever until you have a large enough rectangle to go around your arm on the elbow end.  Mine was about 8 inches.  Yep, this is just a tube folks.  


Step three: Fold that rectangle in half and slip stitch the long sides together.  If you don't want the seam you see on mine you can use a giant needle and whip stitch instead.  You'll slip stitch down about an inch and a half (a little more, a little less depending on how far up your hand you want.  Mine covers my knuckles) then you're just going to slip stitch on one side only leaving the thumb hole.  Keep putting it on to see how big the thumb hole needs to be (mine is 2 inches) then pick up both sides again in your slip stitch.  Slip stitch all the way down and weave in your ends.

*Let me know if you are trying to make 'em and these are crappy instructions.  It's the blind leading the blind here but I'll try to answer your questions.

My favorite photo from the shoot...cause you can see my photographers toes.

Speaking of my photographer, he had another fantastic suggestion for these.  He requested one in white they could use as a cast with their doctor kit.  Creative huh?  He's awesome.


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