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Friday, December 23, 2011

Deckin' and Trimmin'

Today's post is also on The Fipper Show.

We have had tons of fun this last month deckin' and trimmin' our little house. Some of these projects are from years past but we love them so much we keep bringing them out, and some are new.

Like this one... 

I made a yarn wreath for our front door. I'm totally loving this color combo for Christmas. (I think I'll make some pillows in these colors too.) I added a couple of beeswax ornaments to the middle.

We made quite a few of those too. Beeswax ornaments I mean. They smell so delicious and warm when the sun hits them. I have a string hanging in the kitchen window.

We've made paper chains, and placemats, and gum drop trees. (I'll try and get pictures up of those - awesome)

And a few strings of lights. These were really cute. We used glittery craft foam, binder clips (from the office supply store), and some yarn. I think I saw it in Family Fun magazine.

And here is a Christmas quilt I made a few years ago.

We made cookies at Aunt Carly's house. If Fisher looks guilty here it's because he was just busted eating a handful of sprinkles.

And these stockings were made the year Fisher was born.

Piper's was made just before she was born. Mine was made by my Mom when I was little.

One of my favorite ornaments from my childhood.

Last year we made these dried orange slices with clove and cinnamon. I LOVE these. They still smell yummy even a year later.

Fisher has taken up finger knitting. He knitted this cord for our tree. It's my favorite new decoration this year!

The (relatively) finished product. We've continued to add little bits here and there as creativity strikes. Notice the popcorn string! This is our first year with that too. There are all these gaps where little hands have picked off popcorn. I'm looking at you Pipey. (and we couldn't go any lower or the dog would pull it off)

Another lovely. She makes me happy.

The kids and I made all these great paper snowflakes that we taped in the windows. It's so beautiful when the sun is setting and lights up the window. The shadows cast on the curtains are just magical.

We hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas.


JKFP and Bob


J, J and B said...

Seriously cool homemade decorations! Finger knitting? Homemade beeswax ornaments? You're like Martha Stewart with a really cool twist!

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