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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Memory: Repost

This was originally posted on The Fipper Show on March 13, 2011 but I thought it was appropriate to repost it here.   

Okay, I thought I'd try my hand at posting about crafts every once in a while. I've got quite a few completed projects laying around I thought might interest you. So if you are here for cute pictures of my kids...this is not the post for you.

I was looking around for something to make the kids for Valentine's Day that they could play with together. I had all these little wooden circles left over from another project and they were just screaming at me. I had also seen similar wooden versions of the memory game. AND, I was wanting to try woodburning. (I happened to already have all the woodburning stuff from several years ago.) So, I put them all together and made this....

These are my favorite ones.
Up close

And everyone can play.

Not to mention it's perfect for travel. That little bag up there is made from my favorite pair of outgrown Pipey pants. (Cut off the leg, sew the raw edge, snip a tiny hole in the hem and string a ribbon to close.) I had all this stuff on hand and made this game up in a little over an hour (woodburning, painting and all) I did seal it with a homemade beeswax and olive oil polish the next day. It's pretty awesome...if I do say so myself.

I'm linking this to the Peek of the Week over at Happily Home Sewn!


Jessa said...

I think this is the first post I read over at the Fipper Show and after that I was hooked because they are SO AWESOME! I need a woodburner. Oh Santa...

jenn (+ will) said...

this is amazing! great idea. it turned out so cute!

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