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Friday, November 4, 2011

I've got you covered.

A couple months ago my sewing machine got sick.  I know, super sad.  She needed a little love and some replacement parts.  Now, I don't know about you, but when I can't sew I get a little cranky.  I just need that creative outlet.  Well, my sweet mother in law came to the rescue!  She loaned me her machine while mine was at the doctor.  So to thank her, I made her (and her machine) a little present.  A machine cover or, as I like to think of it, an outfit.  (and I apologize for the not so great basement lighting.)

See, all nice and comfy in there.

Now, this is really just a rectangle with batting (A very small quilt, if you will) and some ribbon sewn into the sides to tie it closed.  I wanted to break up the flowered fabric just a bit so I pieced a little strip for the front but that's not necessary I did quilt around the larger flowers just to help hold everything together. That's not necessary either but really pretty.  You could easily tie it like a quilt if you wanted instead.

This was really simple and quick to work up.  That said, if anyone would like instructions just let me know.  It would make a nice Christmas gift for your favorite sewing enthusiast.

I'm linking up again with Happily Home Sewn and her Peek of the Week so head on over!


Jessa said...

That is fantastic! Betty (my machine) needs one!

Amy Hall said...

I blog stalk you and love your crafts! I just bought a replacement control foot for my sewing machine and you have motivated me to get sewing!!!!! I haven't really sewn since before Noah was born. Yikes!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!
Amy Ray

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