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Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick Kitty Inspiration

Piper was given five sweet little stuffed kittens for Christmas.  She loves them dearly and carries (at least) one everywhere she goes.  She talks to them, pets them, has the rest of us pet and talk to them, even lets them sleep in her bed.  Basically, they are very loved little kittens.

Well, yesterday she declared that the grey kitty (who's name is apparently "Concrete" - can you tell her daddy works in construction?) needed a bed.  So, in a perfect storm and quick and crafty I made "Concrete" a bed.

I'd gotten this basket back in the summer at our local "treasure" shop for something around a dollar.  I was keeping some of my sewing supplies in it but it was the PERFECT size for the kitties.  Then we went shopping in my fabric stash.  Piper picked out this lovely tie dyed fleece. 

Then it was just a matter of loosely cutting two circles of the fleece by following the base of the basket.  Sewing those together, stuffing, and trimming up the edges with pinking shears.

With one of the scraps we even made a little kitty "toy".

I think Concrete is pretty happy with his new digs.  This entire project from the beginning spark to completion took all of about ten minutes.  How's that for instant crafty gratification??

And just because it's so cute, here's a picture of my budding photographer/blogger/princess taking pictures of our project.

Happy crafting!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! That is so flipping cute! I love love love that she is taking pictures! Just like her mama. And Aunt!

Corduroy Fish said...

This is just too cute!

J, J and B said...
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J, J and B said...

I bet (as I'm sure you already are) that, to Piper, you are the coolest mom. "Mom I need this..." and 10 minutes later not only a bed, but a toy too?? Sometimes I save little extra stuff like that for moments like this, but they never happen and my piles keep growing! Some day!!

Jessa said...

That's fantastic.

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