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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just kidding...this hat.

Remember how I was knitting the Jacques Cousteau hat for my dear husband?  Well I finally finished it right before his birthday.  (score!)  It took and I swore I'd never knit that pattern again.  Tiny needles.  Anyway, turns out it was HUGE.  Like, we could have both fit our heads into it, huge.  So....I had him choose another pattern (which I followed the alternate directions for - he likes to have his ears totally covered) and started knitting another hat.  We decided on The Boyfriend Hat and I'm so glad we did!  I knit it while unraveling the first one which just felt wrong, but this one fits SO MUCH BETTER!  I'm so happy I redid it.  I think he's much happier with it too (although he'd never come out and say he didn't like the first one - he's awesome like that.).

I couldn't get picture in natural light.

I tried to take one this morning with Little Man wearing it but
it's just too cloudy here.  He's cute anyway.

So that's what I've been knitting.  I just visited my new yarn shop here in Frankfurt last night and bought something for a warmer hat for myself.  I imagine I'll cast that on tonight and you'll see it next week sometime. 

I'm finally finishing up Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett on my nook.  I'm also working my way through What Your First Grader Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. 

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things today for the Yarn Along.  Can't wait to see what everyone is working on!



Corduroy Fish said...

Very cool!! Love the color!

Kerry Cogan said...

Hats are so tricky for sizing! Looks great!

*Michelle* said...

A pretty green! Ribbed hats always seem to fit better, anyway.

Kristin said...

Thanks! It was so much easier with this pattern.

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