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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Big Announcement!

Things are starting to look a little different around here.  I have big news...I'm finally doing it!  After so many of you suggested I open an Etsy shop, I'm jumping in.  My shop will officially be open and taking orders Monday, April 16th.  What kind of things will you be able to purchase from the shop you ask?

Gnome perpetual calendars

My Memory Games

Knit/Crochet project bags.
They are reversible!

An Organized Knitting Bag.
Also reversible!

Hooker pouches.
I'll also offer knitting/crochet sets.  An Organized Knitting Bag with
a project bag AND a hooker pouch.

Various sizes of my fabric baskets.
I'll also offer nested sets.

Diaper pouches

Birthday Banners!
These will be custom orders only and will require 6-8 weeks for delivery.

This is what I'm planning to start with.  These first items will be added to the shop over the next week.  I plan to eventually add flannel backed baby quilts, zippered pouches, knitting needles, knitting needle rolls, iPad/iPhone sleeves,  nook covers, an alphabet matching game,  reusable snack sacks, etc.  Also, if you have something specific in mind just message me and we can set up a custom order. 

After the shop is up and running I think we'll do a couple giveaways to celebrate so stay tuned...


p.s.  I'd like to thank my sister Carly for giving the extra push I needed.


J, J and B said...

Finally!!! Congrats and good luck!

Jessa said...

1) New blog style looks great! Sorry I left you hanging on that one.
2) Can't wait to shop your shop!
3) Gotta get me a hooker pouch. Don't know how I've lasted this long without one.
4) Guest giveaway on Happily Home Sewn to throw some traffic your way????

Corduroy Fish said...

Great news! You should also do those nook holder thingies that go between the mattress and box springs.

Kristin said...

Thanks guys! Jessa, I'll totally "hook" you up. Oh yes I did. I'd love to do a guest giveaway! Thanks for all your help.

Kristin said...

And Mom, those are totally on my long term list.

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