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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Basket Case: Repost

**Another repost!  Originally posted June 2, 2011 on The Fipper Show when my sweet husband was working out of the country.  This is a fantastic project for springtime. **

I discovered pretty early on that the best way to not get so depressed about James being so far away was to keep busy. I have completed close to a million sewing projects since he's been overseas. Well, maybe not that many. Lets go with a bunch. So here's a little project for you.

In Germany we were strolling around Marburg and I came across this little kitchen shop. In the window (like I'm going to take my children in a cramped kitchen store!!) I saw these great fabric bowl type basket things that were apparently used for rolls. After the sharp intake of breath, (cause seriously, those were cute) I started to figure out in my head how to recreate it at home. I can sew after all.

My first attempt was a little...large. That's a dozen muffins in there. I figure it'll be okay at family gatherings to hold rolls, hamburger buns, chips, etc.

Like large.

This is a much better size. Again with a dozen muffins.

Then I went a little crazy.

The smaller two are a different design and WAY easier to make. The bottom here is rectangular instead of round.

The possibilities are endless really with what to do with them. Flowers? I'd even put a jar in the taller (of the small ones) and put cut flowers in it.

But here's what I do with them. Cotton balls and q-tips. A nice way to brighten up a bathroom!

So there you go. My fabric basket making craziness.

I now use the large one in my daughter's room to hold her little socks and underwear.  It works out really well and she can easily reach everything.  I think they would work well for small toys too.  The medium size one is now on my kitchen counter holding all our vitamins.  Let me know if any of you are interested in some sort of tutorial for these. 


Here's a bonus for you. I'm in love with this fabric. Can you tell? Anyway, I have an e reader. A Nook to be specific. My nightstand is basically shelf that is pretty far away from my bed. It's fine for a clock but a little tricky to reach to put away glasses and the nook when I'm finished reading at night. Solution: A nook and glasses pouch that hangs on the side of the bed.

I've been thinking for a while about having a separate craft blog. What do you guys think? Would you follow that one? Should I just keep posting crafts on here every once in a while?

Craftastically yours,



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