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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Back

Wow, can you say crappy blogger??  It has been a while.  I think I told you all back in April about the little (read that HUGE) mold problem (this post over at The Fipper Show has more detail) we had that took over our lives for a bit.  We'll that's all taken care of now but it sure took a while.  We were out of our house for about a month and still working on it when we moved back.  It's all finished now (except the base trim) and I'll be doing a "bathroom remodel" post soon.  It was a pretty big process.  Even though it took (what felt like) forever I'd do it again a hundred times.  We haven't been sick ONCE since our attack on the mold.  Not ONCE.  It's our longest stretch of good health in I can't remember how long.  That asthma diagnosis was such a blessing in disguise. 

Our next big distraction came when my husband's overseas work started back up again.  We took him to the airport last week....

...and we were quite sad about it. 

We've been getting back to our "normal" routine and things are finally starting to come together.  It's a process though so thank you all for your patience.  We have been crafting, knitting and sewing these last couple of months and I think we'll be playing catch up for a bit.  Now that you know ALL that....

Here's a quick project for you knitters. 

A happy rainbow candle holder.

I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest.  I do love Pinterest.  (I have plans to figure out the whole "follow me on Pinterest" thing soon FYI.)  Anyway, I'm a beginning knitter and still haven't messed with gauges yet.  I tend to just go for it with a vague plan of what I want to end up with.  Shockingly it's worked out for me a couple of times. 

This is a great (and quick) beginner project and I'm working on a tutorial for you now.  It's so pretty and happy.  I used the 4oz. canning jars with tea lights inside to protect everything.

In addition to the tutorial for this candle holder I have also lined up Part 2 of making your own needles where we apply the finish (they turned out great, by the way), a fabric roll for needle storage, and tiny knitted gnome hats for a little peg person.  So much fun! 


Corduroy Fish said...

Great post! Good to see you back here!

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